Compelling Vision
Despite the vision being challenging, It’s clearly leading to innovation and value creation. This creates a strong drive towards the will to make this vision come true.

Inspirational Leader
Leaders from management levels to smaller divisions are ready and enthusiastic in being role models in creating innovation. The leaders also empower and encourage others in helping to achieve innovation.

Effective Communication
Good communication consists of a complete message with no unclarity that may lead to different comprehensions. The message should be delivered directly and promptly to intended recipients in order to avoid distortion of the message should there be many people involved.

Empowering Climate : an environment that fosters learning, thinking, presenting, doing and being the owner
Creating an environment that fosters learning, experience-sharing and knowledge-building will lead to an organization that is ready to think outside the box. With an environment that makes way for creative thinking, new ideas will be generated and shared, leading to the courage to present these ideas. With the right tools and equipment comes the confidence and a sense of responsibility.

People Development & Learning
New knowledge and technology happens all the time. Continuously developing staff from all levels is necessary in employing Multidisciplinary Knowledge and teamwork to create innovation.

Goal Oriented
Every organization has measurable goals, either to be short-term, medium-term, or long-term. Innovations that are consistent with these goals will lead the organization to accomplish them.

Customer Admired
The core of business is responding to customers’ needs. By going beyond their expectations, customers will trust, accept and stay committed to the company.

Stakeholder Engagement
By allowing all direct and indirect stakeholders to take part in the thinking and creation process of new innovations, everyone will feel the pride in these achievements. This leads to borderless and sustainable cooperation for the overall social value.

Every CPRAM employee appreciates the vitality of continuous improvement of P-D-C-A in achieving Kaizen in the organization. However, together with the unique innovation culture of the company, many improvements arising from creative ideas can be called “innovations”.