Elevated into Nice & Smart Era

“The concept of “Nice & Smart” is to elevate the goodness together with smartness.”

From the aspiration to provide the quality foods that are not only delicious but also deliver with safety and nutritional benefits. CPRAM is dedicated to create products and services according to the standard by creating the highest value to consumers. The company continues to select quality ingredients in combination with modern technology and machinery, never stops the research and development and gives emphasis to the operation according to international standard driven with innovation. CPRAM further creates value to business alliance by developing the supply chain management starting from the purchasing process into production process until the products are delivered to customer with consistency and with the highest efficiency.

In the next 5 years, CPRAM has set higher standard of running business to spread values for stakeholders in a wider range. This leads to the concept of “Nice & Smart” (Goodness together with smartness) which is to elevate the goodness and skill of organization to another level.

“Sustainable organization is the organization that creates value to the stakeholders whether directly or indirectly consistently. The organization has to be committed to development and creating innovation continuously and sustainably. For the function of innovative organization in this Nice & Smart Era, CPRAM will develop and promote every party involved both employee in the organization and business alliance in the supply chain. CPRAM is determined to continue the development of food safety to the society and country to reach the long term goal of food security and sustainability to create quality of living for consumers forever.


Mr. Wisade Wisidwinyoo, CPRAM’s managing director has explained about the concept, in term of “Nice” CPRAM will continue to create value for society beyond promoting the knowledge of food safety, nutrition, pleasure in consumption, moral, ethics, education, human resource development, substantial environment and community preservation. CPRAM also considers providing the values based on social responsibility both inside and outside the organization throughout the supply chain continuously and sustainably.

“For an example within CPRAM organization at head office (Lat Lum Keaw), CPRAM carries out “CPRAM Zero Water Discharge” to find a solution to recycle used water from factory production process and perfectly recycles all 100% of water to use as raw water for producing water to use inside the factory or use in cooling system in cooling tower. This project helps CPRAM to develop higher technology to improve water quality and also create consciousness in water conservation, creating good attitude within the community and least disturb the environment. Lastly to coexist in balance between company, community, society and environment, CPRAM Chonburi factory is also certified in industrial ecological system to portray that the factory is committed to operate the business which is friendly to the environment for sustainable development, improving production process and environmental management according to the corporate social responsibility.”

Mr. Wisade also placed a significant emphasis in the supply chain management because this includes cooperation from the upstream consisting of raw material suppliers to downstream consumers who want food safety and want CPRAM to create a lively world. Today these factors are essential to promote sustainable business. If all parties do not cooperate within the supply chain, the result would not be sustainable. The supply chain management within food industry is critical for sustainable food security as the supply chain consists of many Small- Medium Enterprises (SME) and large enterprises from upstream to downstream. The development and implementation of modern technology appropriately can create confidence with the partners in each supply chain in term of consistent delivery and quality that can be traced back throughout the supply chain. When food security occurs, to operate sustainably at the same time the company also needs to create the value for society and environment. Therefore, in the Nice & Smart Era CPRAM is not only going to elevate the goodness and smartness of the organization but the result has to be expanded to CPRAM’s business partners throughout the supply chain.


“CPRAM has already managed many supply chains for several products. The simple example is Stir-Fried chicken with basil leaves and rice. In order to get quality basil leaves without any contaminants, CPRAM has prepared learning and working for sustainable agriculture project called “Partner Farmers” by applying organization’s ability to promote and develop the society. CPRAM’s position as a food manufacturer and distributor to customers and consumers understand that the main raw material is agricultural produce. Therefore, CPRAM must help the farmers to grow together sustainably. The problems that most farmers face are marketing, investment and knowledge. For instance of marketing, CPRAM has provided suggestion for suitable vegetables required from the market, in this case wild basil leaves that are more fragrant than other types of basil leaves are recommended. In term of investment and occupation within the community, the company helps the farmers to sell at reasonable prices and have liquidity and support any beneficial projects for farmers. In regards to the academic aspect, CPRAM has set up the agricultural knowledge center to share the information for farmers. CPRAM’s farm is opened for farmers to study the model according to Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) which encourages the farmer to have a career, revenue and supporting market while the consumers can receive quality food that are safe without any worry.

Another example that reflects the operation in consideration of corporate social responsibility that answers to the path to sustainability is the “Crab Fried Rice” menu. This product is one of the best-selling items in 7-Eleven stores causing the lack of supply of crab meat to meet the demand and possibility of raw material shortage. CPRAM notices the opportunity to promote preservation of Blue Swimming Crabs by not capturing the crab during spawning season and released more blue swimming crab breeder with eggs outside the shell into natural water resource to increase the population of blue swimming crab so that the community can continue sustainable fishery.

In term of “smart”, CPRAM focuses in driving the organization with innovation more intensely by developing own technology and innovation in every aspect toward Industrial 4.0 policy for examples of Biotechnology, Robotic and Automation, E-commerce, Digital Technology together with IoT (Internet of Things), Cloud Computing, Big Data and Data Analytics in order to move the business toward growth and sustainability and impel Thailand to become the center of food innovation in Asian region.

“In the past 30 years, CPRAM has collected knowledge about food until period 6 Innovation Convergence period. CPRAM has developed CPRAM Management System (CPRAM-MS) by implementing 3 modern management systems involving Total Quality Management (TQM), Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) and Lean System. When CPRAM develops the smart in the Nice & Smart Era, CPRAM will use the smart to create value by passing on the concepts and ideas to the related parties whether direct or indirect in the whole supply chain to elevate Thai industry’s standard in moving forward.

CPRAM’s management believes that human and organization share similarity. Each person was born with different foundation such as birth, education, experience or opportunity. Anyone with good background can create great value to the society. Similarly to organization with good foundation, well equipped with human resource, technology and other abilities should also deliver great value to society as well.

“His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej has always been a great role model for Thai population in everything. His Majesty was born to be a great king and at the same time he was working for the country and Thai people without being tiresome only for the benefits of Thailand. This is one clear example that we can learn and follow in His footsteps that we should always be ready to create value to the public.”

Mr. Wisade was also giving end note for the new challenge that will occur in the Nice & Smart Era is the implementation of biotechnology to develop food innovation for specific group to answer for the different nutritional requirement.


“Next step of CPRAM will lead into production of food specific for each group of consumers called “Functional Food” because not everyone will have the same nutritional requirement. We should study and develop to have food for children, working adults and elderly consumers to understand what kind of nutrition or energy are required for each group. In addition, we should also study the requirement for diabetic patient, hypertension patient and so on. This is what CPRAM plans to do in this period while still sharing the benefits within the supply chain from upstream to downstream. By together developing, every party gains benefits and become a part to elevate Thai industry to be accepted at international levels.

In addition, Ms. Rumpaiparn Porntrisat, Senior Vice President of CPRAM Co., Ltd. has shared her perspective in stepping into Nice & Smart Era that “Nice & Smart Era is the period that focuses on creating good and smart team. CPRAM emphasizes the importance in developing new leader in the organization who can lead the in the next 30 years by underline stronger idea of morals and consciousness that sustainable organization have to be good organization that create benefits to the overall society. At the same time, we also need to have wisdom and be smart. Today, the company cannot be smart alone but also has to involve business alliances throughout the supply chain to create benefit and sustainability. Therefore, if ‘Nice’ & ‘Smart’ are combined together, it describes how each individual can work base on the morals of good people and wisdom from smart people starting from personal level, organization level, business alliance within the supply chain up until social level.

In regards to operation plan, the target in the next period will be the period which CPRAM’s bakery will not only be “snacks” but will be “breakfast” which is the most important meal for everyone.

“From innovation convergence era where the production had become automatic, the next era CPPRAM will increase value for bakery product by elevating into breakfast meal for Thai consumers that are delicious at affordable prices while maintaining the bakery’s charm which can still be consumed as convenient dessert.

The next era CPRAM will develop the product using important technology which is temperature control in the production process and storage. In the past, CPRAM only had room temperature bakery products, moving forward CPRAM will proceed with chilled bakery and frozen bakery to respond to variety of consuming occasion. The products can be kept in ambient temperature, chilled and frozen. In order to continue, CPRAM has to rely on alliances such as raw material suppliers, Machinery Companies both in Thailand and outside Thailand. I believe that this will create product innovation and efficient production management.


From all of the above, moving forward into “Nice & Smart” era will strengthen CPRAM food business and grow together with all stakeholders to respond to consumers’ satisfaction. The emphasis as leading brand image for ready to eat food and bakery businesses will move CPRAM toward sustainable organization in the good intelligence period. Mr. Charoen Keawsooksai, CPRAM Co., Ltd.’ Senior Vice President has revealed the vision for future.

“For era 7, human resource plays a significant role so CPRAM is focusing on human resource development as well as training in new technology especially in automation, robot and E-commerce including food research and development as well as processes such as functional food research and development for each target consumers. Moreover, CPRAM will develop the machine and technology together with our partnering manufacturers.

The upcoming era will be the era of sustainability focusing on the production process to save energy and is environmental friendly. In the past, CPRAM has adjusted the production process management to minimize the carbon dioxide released into the earth’s atmosphere. The result is for an example of the jumbo pork steamed bun having certified carbon footprint labeling which is the first product in steamed bun category to be certified. CPRAM is also working on water footprint for sustainable water management. At the same time, CPRAM is also setting up regional factories to reduce transportation distance which are now on process and will be finished in the near future. Moreover, the company is trying to use local ingredients by bringing all related parties to share the knowledge. The process has already begun but CPRAM will place more emphasis in this era.”

Furthermore, the consumers will be seeing the new sales channel and service in the form of Vending Machine and Food Van on the go to sell variety of food products to respond to the changing needs of consumers that look for more convenience. In addition, CPRAM also has catering business under “CPRAM Catering” brand and food sold in E-commerce channel. For export market, CPRAM will expand the sales channel in more regions such as Europe and North America.

The challenge in the next period is the new product management which CPRAM has been doing continuously but will be doing more intensely since the products in this upcoming period will have shorter selling time. The management has to be done professionally in both production and delivery in order to consumers to receive freshest products leading to Thai society’s food security.