The CPRAM Innovation Center and the Chonburi Factory

The CPRAM Innovation Center and the Chonburi Factory set up by CPRAM are considered to be the first food innovation center of a private organization in Thailand. It is a place where innovators are educated and trained. It is an institute of learning that shares its body of knowledge with society. Innovations accomplished by CPRAM are gathered and displayed in the form of exhibitions and mock-ups that can be touched. Moreover, CPRAM cooperates with leading organizations overseas in the development of technologies and innovations regarding robots and automation to meet the policy on and the trend in the development of CPRAM towards Industry 4.0 by covering all aspects. The purpose is to increase business in a sustainable manner. The highlight of this Factory is still the innovation in specially designed automatic production processes, which are the only ones of their kind worldwide and the most modern in Thailand, such as the automatic production line for salapao (dumplings) and the automatic production line for packed ready-to-eat rice. At CPRAM (Chonburi) most of the equipment used is of the energy-saving type. The atmosphere of the colorful designed work places are in the form of a Smart Office allowing employees to work at any place they may choose so as to help increase the employees´ imagination. There are also activities organized to motivate employees and encourage them to express their ideas while at work.

A Visitors Corridor was also designed inside the building separating the different teams of employees from the visitors so that the work of employees may not be interrupted. As an overview, the CPRAM Innovation Center and the Chonburi Factory are of a modern and clean-looking design just like a university or a research center, so they are very different from any ordinary factories. Efficiency of the Factory is high, hygienic conditions are excellent, energy saving is practiced and it is environment-friendly. Thus, the Factory was certified as an Eco Factory by the Federation of Thai Industries. This shows that the Factory sticks to the principle of doing business in an environmentally friendly manner to ensure sustainable development by constantly improving in a sustainable manner its production processes and environmental management on the basis of responsibility towards society as a whole, as well as inside and outside our organization and our supply chain. Moreover, our capacity as a leading company in Thailand in the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) is a deciding factor in the rise in the capability of Thailand to become a center of innovation in the Asian region.