CPRAM 4.0 makes our organization progress by means of technology with determination to achieve a higher level of development aiming for excellence complete with virtue paired with expertise in an “Prosperous Era of Mastery. ” But it is not only about development and the support for every person in our organization or our supply chain. We are still making progress towards lasting stability on the basis of our responsibility towards society by “Participation in Providing Better Living Conditions for Everybody” for our customers, consumers and society as a whole. This is based on the principle of 3S FOOD, namely Food Safety, Food Security and Food Sustainability so as to ensure that everybody consumes food that is safe for consumption, that is nutritious and aesthetic in appearance when consumed. The support of sustainable food supply will guarantee prosperity leading to better conditions in society which includes knowing the value of our resources, such as soil, water and air so as to ensure an ever lasting supply of food in our society and our country.

Wisade Wisidwinyoo
CPRAM Co., Ltd.