We are a Family

If a company is a machine, every employee is a cog that drives the company towards the goals. The following are feelings of employees from different divisions who have helped to build the CPRAM to as it is today.

  • I have been working here since the bakery business started. I have seen developments from tens of to thousands of employees, from the first 400 square meters to four factories, and from the first bakery product to hundreds of them now. Working culture has been warm and friendly. Everyone works together to make CPRAM grow. After seeing how far we have come, we feel proud to be part of it.
    Ms. Siriporn Katechandra
    Expert, 30 years with CPRAM
  • I was impressed with the company since the Tom Yum Goong crisis. While many companies had to lay off staff or cut salaries, everything at CPRAM stayed the same. No one had to leave work or had their salaries reduced. All the benefits were still there. Everyone helped and passed the struggle together. From a small company with registered capital of only 40 million Baht to an ever-growing company as it is today, I hope CPRAM will continue to prosper and produce delicious, quality food products.
    Ms. Somkid Jitthai
    Assistant General Manager, 26 years with CPRAM
  • CPRAM is an organization that supports employee-learning, offering opportunities for self-development with clear career advancements. The co-workers are helpful and we can talk to the management team directly. This motivates me want to come to work every day.
    Ms. Supina Choochit
    Relations Assistant Department Manager, 22 years with CPRAM
  • I never thought I would get to work in a big company and get to be a leader. Thank you, the management team, for giving me this opportunity and for all the knowledge I have gained. I am very proud to be part of CPRAM.
    Ms. Anchalee Malai
    Employee, 30 years with CPRAM