Domestic products

  • Jade Dragon

    Jade Dragon

    Jade Dragon pampers you with the delicacies of the oriental world. Every bite will give you the sense of Chinese culinary art full of freshness from our preservative-free ingredients. Great taste and full nutrients are delivered to you in our Jade Dragon dim sum.
  • Le Pan

    Le Pan

    Le Pan takes the wholesale bakery products into another level. Here, we cater modern consumers with hundreds of bakery products of five-star-hotel quality at right portion and pocket-friendly prices. You will enjoy a wide variety of mouthwatering bakeries, ranging from sandwiches, sliced bread topped with various creams, buns, rolls and other baked goods. 

  • DeliThai


    The frozen ready meal “DeliThai” delivers the sense of delicateness and originality of Thai foods to the Thais and people around the world. The flagship products are Tom Yum Koong and chicken green curry.
  • Delicasia


    Delicasia, the brand for international fusion food a parted from Thai & Chinese food, is for creating more choices to fulfill consumers’variousneeds, The products such as Spicy Pork Spaghetti, Spaghetti Ham Sauce, Cheese Pork Croissant and Fried Park Croissant, etc.

  • VG for Love

    VG for Love

    “ VG for Love ” is a new food product for " Plant Based Diet " consumers with 4 loves lifestyle. For instances, love health, love animal life, love environment and love the earth. There are aim to achieve for a balance in the food chain.