Steady progress and modern technology, that never stops developing, has caused significant changes to the Thai people's original way of life and their living conditions. This includes the consuming of one's daily meals, as convenient as can be, with the meals hygienically prepared, quickly served, of a delicious taste and nutritious, and there must be also a wide variety of dishes to choose from.

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    CPRAM Company Limited is one of the companies of the Charoen Pokphand Group producing and distributing ready-to-eat foods and freshly made bakery produce. CPRAM has the aspirations to supply tasty foods of high nutritious value to everybody´s liking by placing emphasis on creativity and a high quality guaranteed by our production methods of international standards and our own Research and Development Department. Our business does not only consist of the production supplying products to leading brands worldwide, but we also develop our own brands.

    At present CPRAM consists of the following 2 main groups of products:
    1. Ready-to-eat foods
    2. Bakery produce
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    Ready-to-eat foods

    Frozen and chilled ready to eat foods are food that have gone through cooking process which are ready to be eaten. The freezing and chilling process maintain the freshness and nutritional value. Only needs reheating, the foods can be consumed immediately. Products that CPRAM exports and distributed domestically include “Jade Dragon” Dim Sum, “Deli Thai” and “Delicasia” Ready to Eat food. Moreover, CPRAM also has catering business under “CPRAM Catering” brand.
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    Bakery produce

    Freshly baked bakery products include over a hundred types of bakery snacks or ready to eat bakery under “Le Pan” brand. Every product is produced under strict supervision starting from Research and Development for the recipe and selecting the best ingredients through controlled production process in every factory bases in order to obtain the deliciousness and freshness under the same quality and standard throughout the country.