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 Message from Senior Chairman

 Charoen Pokphand Group has a strong aspiration in
 conducting business with organizational value to create benefit

 for the whole society as well as for the consumers in food
 supply chain.

 I would like to highly congratulate in the occasion that CPRAM Co., Ltd. which is one of the
 companies in Charoen Pokphand Group has operated business that creates value and grows
 alongside Thai society until now stepping into 35  year. CPRAM is the leader in production
 and distribution of ready to eat foods that consistently considers the quality and food safety

 towards consumers. Moreover, CPRAM has participated in the promotion and development
 of country’s economy system to be more progressive and stronger.

 Charoen Pokphand Group has a strong determination to conduct business with organizational
 value to create the value to the society in all aspects for the benefits to the country, its people
 and organization.  CPRAM Co., Ltd. which is the company in the Charoen Pokphand Group
 has also operated the business to align with the value of “three benefits”. More importantly,
 CPRAM has played a part in connecting many stakeholders such as farmers, small-medium-large
 enterprises, wholesalers-retailers until the consumers in the food supply chain from upstream
 to downstream. CPRAM has a strong will to promote and support new job creation to elevate
 the economy and improving the quality of living in Thai society as well as using resources with
 consideration and preserving balanced environment to create the sustainable food security.

 In the occasion that CPRAM Co., Ltd. has run the business to 35  year, I would like to thank
 the management team and all employees that have always stived to perform their duties with
 the goodness and to the best of their ability consistently. This has established CPRAM to
 progress as the country’s leading manufacturer and distributor of ready to eat foods with stability
 and sustainability with trusts from customer and consumers in both domestic and overseas.
 I sincerely hope that the joy in accomplishment will not only stop today but will be the great
 force to push all CPRAM employees with physical strength, mental strength and wisdom to
 create value for the benefits of the country, society and the organization in the coming future.

 Mr. Dhanin Chearavanont
 Senior Chairman of Charoen Pokphand Group Company Limited
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